ON SALE H. P. Lovecraft's - The Colour out of Space custom 8" figure set

$ 100.00

H. P. Lovecraft's - The Colour out of Space custom 8" figure set. Nahum Garder and wife.

Less the 20x sets are available. 

Welcome to a new series of "Mego" style 8" figures based on weird fiction characters that we all love. This series is produced by Cadabra Records and made by our new friends at Distinctive Dummies. D.D. is well known and respected in the custom toy market for their incredible attention to detail and are instant classics in their field.


Here's what you get:

* Nahum Gardner 8" custom hand made figure

* Mrs. Gardner 8" custom hand made figure

* Mutated fox

* Mutated rabbit

* Edition of 70x pieces

* Window display box

* Figure and package design by Jonathan Dennison

* Sculpted by Steve Thompson

* Painted by Martin Cage

* Package art by Karmazid