H. P. Lovecraft's, Dagon, The Cats of Ulthar & The Music of Erich Zann LP - Read by Andrew Leman, Score by Anima Morte - "Random" color edition

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H. P. Lovecraft's, Dagon, The Cats of Ulthar & The Music of Erich Zann LP - Read by Andrew Leman, Score by Anima Morte LP

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Standard edition of 100x - "random" color vinyl 



Vinyl spoken arts label Cadabra Records presents an audio adaption H. P. Lovecraft’s classics Dagon, The Cats of Ulthar & The Music of Erich Zann, read by renown Lovecraftian scholar and narrator Andrew Leman, with an original score by cinematic instrumentalists Anima Morte.

Told from the perspective of a drug-addled mariner, Dagon is H.P. Lovecraft at his scaly and slimy best. First published in 1919, the short story has become one of Lovecraft’s most well known and adapted works, notably by horror director Stuart Gordon and referenced by many other games and novels. Read by Andrew Leman with a synth-driven score by Anima Morte, Dagon moves at an unrelenting pace, challenging you to question everything you think you know about our place in the natural world.

The Cats of Ulthar finishes Side 1, giving Anima Morte a wonderful tale to grow their haunting and melodic score. With Cats, the music takes a decidedly European tone, filled with gentle acoustic guitar offset by bells, chimes, and droning strings. Side 2 contains The Music of Erich Zann, where the score becomes much more immediate and paranoid; the dripping synth sounds and effects enveloping Leman’s masterful reading. As a thrilling bonus, accomplished cellist Leo Svensson Sander gives life to Zann’s mythical instrument, providing a tangible fury you won’t soon forget.

Statues will shine, oceans will rise, and even you may get lost in time and space while listening to this terrifying collection, only available from your friends at Cadabra Records!


Colored 160 gram vinyl

 Insert with liner notes by Anima Morte

New essay by weird fiction scholar S. T. Joshi

* Hand calligraphy by Josh Yelle

* Newly commissioned art by Karmazid

Includes a 24" x 36" promotional poster 




Swedish cinematic instrumental band ANIMA MORTE (est. 2004) plays music inspired by classic horror and giallo cinema. With roots in progressive rock create a brilliant use of Hammond organs, Mellotrons and analogue synthesizers to create a creepy and haunting atmosphere.

Lovecraft's Dagon is Anima Morte's 4th studio album along side of several singles and EP’s including a 2017 is a collaboration with the legendary horror-composer Fabio Frizzi for a single called Inertia of the Risen.


Andrew Leman is a partner of the H.P. LOVECRAFT historical society, a professional actor with years of stage, screen, and audio performances, his voice faithfully captures the proper terror, dread, suspense, and madness of LOVECRAFT’s stories.