Dave Neabore, Star Feels

$ 29.00

Dave Neabore, Star Feels 12" EP

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Strawberry and black swirl vinyl

Ships in mid November


* Limited edition of 300x copies

* Pressed on 150 gram vinyl

* Art and design by Eric Adrian Lee


Those who heard Retro Inferno, Dave Neabore's debut full-length of film-inspired, utterly danceable synth, know that the Dog Eat Dog musician understands what makes a good genre piece. On his latest EP, Star Feels, Neabore pairs the sounds of '80s intergalactic science fiction with the era's infectious synth pop to craft a modern update of the sounds which once packed Italian dancefloors.

The droning pipe organ which opens "Power Plan," as well as the EP itself, is quickly thrown into the past before a frantic four-on-the-floor beat has us racing through the cosmos, stars streaking the views out of our craft. Or, perhaps, those are just thousands of glow sticks illuminating the dark of the dance floor before lights begin pulsing and flashing. Who's to say? Only the adventurous will know.

The title track's opening notes and backing pulse echo "Dancing on My Own," the sad banger classic by Swedish synth-pop artist Robyn. The vocoder-shifted vocals will have you raising your hands to the skies as you dance under a star-filled night sky, filled with rapturous joy.

"Delayed Green" is the natural expansion of Brad Fiedel's Terminator score you had no clue you needed until the song opened, and can't imagine living without once it's done. Are you being chased by a fully armored, very tough part man, part machine through the nightclub Tech Noir? If so, this is what's playing in the background as he pulls out his Uzi.

If Daft Punk and Justice had a baby, the French electronic duos' offspring would be "Night Shift." The insistent darkwave beats make for the perfect closer to Star Feels, cooling you down while still feeling like you have the strength to go on. It's the calm on the starship as our heroes go on to their next adventure. Fin. Fade to black. Roll credits.