Cadabra Records Subscription 11 - PAYMENT PLAN - 2nd INSTALLMENT

$ 150.00


Cadabra Records Subscription 11:

* H. P. Lovecraft, The Shadow out of Time 4x LP set - Read by Andrew Leman, score by Chris Bozzone, art by Karmazid
* Arthur Machen, The White People 2x LP set - Read by Laurence R. Harvey, Chris Bozzone, art by Karmazid
* Lucio Fulci, Zombie The Composer's Cut by Fabio Frizzi LP, aer by Jeremy Hush
* Thomas Ligotti, Mrs. Rinaldi's Angel LP - Read by Jon Padgett, score by Chris Bozzone, art by Jason Barnett
* M. R. James, The Ash-Tree LP, Read by Robert Lloyd Parry, score by Chris Bozzone, art by Matthew Jaffe
* Mark Samuels, The White Hands LP - Read by Mark Samuels, score by Chris Bozzone, art by Stephen Clark

All titles are special vinyl variants exclusive to subscribers

Subscription exclusives:

* Jon Padgett, The Mindfulness of Horror Practice 7", art by Dave Felton
* A new Cadabra Records slipmat 
* Subscription 11 checklist
* Cadabra Records Halloween card and more!

Subscribers also get first grabs at our Wax Mage hand poured custom vinyl variants, first grabs at titles outside of the subscription and first grabs of titles from Chiroptera Press.

 The duration of this subscription runs from Halloween through early summer.