Backstage and Beyond: An Autobiography by Fabio Frizzi - Limited Signed Softcover Edition

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Backstage and Beyond: An Autobiography by Fabio Frizzi - Limited Signed Softcover Edition

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Translation by Esteban Medaglia

Edited by Stephen Thrower 

Celebrated film composer Fabio Frizzi is best known for his work with director Lucio Fulci, including the terrifying horror classics ZombieCity of the Living Dead and The Beyond, but in a career spanning fifty years he has written memorable music for close to a hundred film and TV projects, ranging from risqué sex comedies to brutal war films, from sensitive family dramas to no-holds-barred shockers. In Backstage and Beyond, Frizzi takes the reader on a richly detailed journey through his lifelong passion for music. Along the way, we encounter the giants who have inspired or influenced his career, including guitar virtuoso Andrés Segovia, fellow composers Armando Trovajoli and Carlo Rustichelli, and progressive rock group Goblin. We hear about Frizzi’s teenage rock’n’roll bands, his internship with the legendary Ennio Morricone, and learn the secrets of his early success with the group Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera (much admired by Quentin Tarantino). And we meet Lucio Fulci – a complex, tormented genius with whom Frizzi enjoyed a long-standing professional and personal friendship. In recent years, Fabio Frizzi has taken his music on the road, for a series of sell-out tours around the world. Lauded by fans and critics alike, these shows are a testament to the enduring appeal of his musical vision. Backstage and Beyond describes in fascinating detail how these unforgettable events were created. This is an essential book for anyone who loves Italian cinema. It explains in clear terms how the magic of film music is created, and offers valuable insight into Frizzi’s compositional process. Most of all, it’s an engaging and convivial self-portrait by one of Italy’s most beloved movie composers.   

* Limited 1st softcover edition of 500x copies

* 6" x 9"

* 324 pages

* Full color photo gallery

* Signed bookplate by the author

* Smyth-sewn binding

* Offset printed 

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