Clark Ashton Smith, The Muse of Hyperborea. Read by S. T. Joshi, sound by Theologian

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Clark Ashton Smith, The Muse of Hyperborea, read by S. T. Joshi, sound by Theologian. Art by C. M. Kosemen.


* Edition of 300 copies
* 150 gram opaque red vinyl
* Deluxe tip-on jacket
* Insert with liner notes by Lee Bartow of Theologian
* Art by C. M. Kosemen

The Muse Of Hyperborea, a collection of eighteen poems by CLARK ASHTON SMITH. The passages have here been handpicked by leading horror literature scholar, S. T. Joshi, who handles the readings for the LP. Championed by the likes of George Sterling, H.P. Lovecraft, and others, CLARK ASHTON SMITH's fiction has demonstrably influenced the work of both his contemporaries, and successors, such as Jack Vance, Roger Zelazny, and Neil Gaiman, his fantastic works having seen publication in such venues as Weird Tales, Wonder Stories, Strange Tales, and more throughout his career. Sound for the record is provided by Theologian, and the artwork has been completed by C. M. Kosemen.



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